Storytelling Workshops

SATURDAY 10am - 11:45am
Workshop 1   10:00 am - 10:45 amWorkshop 2   11:00 am - 11:45 am
SATURDAY 10am - 11:45am
Workshop 1 10:00 am - 10:45 am
Workshop 2 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Workshops are open for all who want to learn about the art of storytelling. Learn what makes a story communicate with an audience. See how an ancient story is made relevant for today. Hear how to use laughter to find common ground on issues. Discover the importance of a story for the children you love.

Purchase a workshop ticket online, or at the door. Sign up for the workshops you prefer, beginning Friday night at the registration desk. Workshop spots available on a first come, first served basis. New this year: participants may choose one workshop during each of the two workshop sessions.


Dovie Thomason

TALKING ABOUT TELLING: Making Our Way Together on an Ancient Path

An informal setting for storytelling conversation with Dovie Thomason, one of the most respected and admired storytellers of her generation.  Dovie was drawn into a lifetime of storytelling, in conversations with elders and storytellers of many Nations, that began with her Kiowa Apache grandmother.  Experience her life’s landscape of story and storytelling, relationships and communities, processes and ongoing queries.  Bring your thoughts, questions, memories and imagination to guide the shape of the workshop.

Andy Offutt Irwin

Discover the Hidden Jewels of Your Own Stories

Through a technique called “intentional conversation,” participants will discover the hidden jewels of their own stories, based on where they are from and where they have been. Participants will be given tools to help make cognitive emotional connections, incorporating wit, (wisdom with humor) in order to have audiences who make “the sound of comprehension” (wise laughter). 

Charlotte Blake Alston

Rhythm This and Melody That

Rhythm has always been an essential element in African and African American folk traditions including storytelling. As earth dwellers, we interact with and are influenced by rhythm from the moment of our conception. Charlotte shares her cultural rhythmic influences and invites you to explore the application of rhythm, music and song in stories and storytelling performance.

Bill Harley

The Teaching Power of Stories

Story is central to how people make sense of the world and build a community with others. In this workshop, participants look at how stories work in people’s lives, what stories define their own lives, and how to use story to educate. Workshop attendees will leave with new ideas for using story in their presentations and a deeper understanding of their work as a teaching tool.

Lyn Ford

Sweetening the Tale

Learn how to bring a story to life by adding action and interaction to your storytelling. Adaptable for tellers of all ages. Recognize what is unique about you and what you skillfully do, then enhance its flavor and presentation.  There are many ways to tell, but there’s only one YOU!  Adaptable for tellers of all ages.

“Trust dreams. Trust yourself. And trust your story.”
~Neil Gaiman