Storytelling Workshops

Workshops are open to all who want to learn about the art of storytelling. Learn what makes a story communicate with an audience. See how an ancient story is made relevant for today. Hear how to use laughter to find common ground on issues. Discover the importance of a story for the children you love.

Workshops will be held during the morning and afternoon on Saturday, September 28. Workshop spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. See the Schedule and Prices page for more details.

Bil Lepp

What’s Your Story?

The importance of good conversation in finding the keys to good stories, including how to interview your relatives.

Andy Offutt Irwin

Humor, Wit, Storytelling, and Cognitive Connections for Deep and Enduring Learning

We’ll talk about wit and conversation, and the tradition of oral narratives. We’ll discuss how listening and telling these – let’s call them stories – lead to good writing and communication, which ultimately lead to good conversation and skilled critical thinking. Interruptions are welcomed.

Charlotte Blake Alston

Telling Stories to our Youngest Listeners

Charlotte Blake Alston performs for adult audiences across the United States and abroad, but this former preschool, kindergarten and second grade teacher, is also in her 25th season as Host and Storyteller of The Philadelphia Orchestra’s award winning preschool concert series: Sound All Around. What is it that will keep preschoolers’ attention, hold it and give them something substantive to take away? This workshop will explore immediately applicable techniques for successful storytelling experiences with our youngest audiences.

Geraldine Buckley

Avoiding Stumbling Blocks in Telling Personal Stories

An interactive, practical workshop with exercises to spark creativity, and wisdom to keep you on the right track.

Regi Carpenter

Diving and Emerging

Dive deep into our rich pool of experiences to gather the stories of our past in order to emerge, shining and bright with stories that are sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, and always memorable.

“Trust dreams. Trust yourself. And trust your story.”
~Neil Gaiman