Storytelling Workshops

Workshops are open to all who want to learn about the art of storytelling. Learn what makes a story communicate with an audience. See how an ancient story is made relevant for today. Hear how to use laughter to find common ground on issues. Discover the importance of a story for the children you love.

Workshops will be held during the morning and afternoon on Saturday, September 28. Workshop spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. See the Schedule and Prices page for more details.

Bil Lepp

A conversation with Bil Lepp

This informal setting is a time to hear from Bil, and to talk with him about the art of storytelling, and the development of his tall tale repertoire.

Sheila Arnold

Being History: Character Interpretation – A Teaching/ Presentation Method

Character Interpretation is a wonderful teaching and presentation method that is often used in museums for students and adults. Learn how to adapt this great method for both teacher presentations and student projects.

Daniel Morden

How to Script a Story for Performance

Participants will catch a glimpse of the Daniel Morden genius – his ability to “weave words with gentle humor, unmarred by excess irony, self-consciousness or unnecessary playing to the audience. “ (Suchita Shah, The Daily Info, Oxford)

Regi Carpenter

Using Traditional Tales to Elicit Personal Stories & Coping Strategies

Stories from the world’s folk and fairy tale tradition often mirror the issues of people who seek professional care: confusion, depression, addiction, grief, and a loss of identity. This workshop demonstrates how these tales also contain coping skills, resourcefulness and resiliency. For healers, tellers and compassionate human beings.

“Trust dreams. Trust yourself. And trust your story.”
~Neil Gaiman